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Emergency/Disaster Preparedness for the Inland NW
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Emergency Alert Radios

In Case of Emergency fillable card
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ICE - In Case of Emergency

Spokane's CEMP

Inland Northwest EAS Plan

Spokane Dept. of Emergency Management

Links to information on Emergency Management Topics

Spokane County Hazard Identification
Animals in an Emergency
Business & Industry Preparedness
Children and Disasters
Preparedness Guide for Persons with Access and Functional Needs
Disabled Persons Preparedness
Disaster (72 hour) Kits
Family Disaster Planning
Hazardous Materials
Heat Wave
Home Fire
Power Outage
Power Generators
Shelter in Place
Water Storage before a Disaster
Water Shortage/Conservation
Weather Advisory
   Additional information from
Winter Storm


This site is developed for the citizens of the INW by Christopher S Barnes of Spokane Emergency Management, with valuable assistance from local emergency responders.

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