Drought: Fact Sheet on Water Conservation

Indoor Use





Long Term Indoor Water Conservation

Outdoor Use


Car Washing

Lawn Care


Long Term Outdoor Conservation

Within the Community

Water Restrictions
In some communities where drought conditions exist, officials may recommend measures to restrict use of water. These recommendations may include such procedures as watering lawns and washing cars on odd or even days of the week, at night, or on weekends. The restrictions may limit hours or prohibit use of water, or require use of hand watering instead of using sprinkler systems that use much more water. You should check with your local authorities or water utility for information on water restrictions that may be imposed for your area.

More Information
Please contact your local water authority or utility district, or your local emergency management agency for information specific to your area.

Extracted from www.redcross.org/services/disaster/0,1082,0_582_,00.html on Sept. 1, 2005